Linkou District


Taiwan as a nation is less than 3% Evangelical Christian, and we are focusing on an area called Linkou. Linkou has a population of 100,554 as of January 2016 and has the fastest growth rate among all districts in New Taipei City. 40% of Taiwan’s population live in Taipei City Metroplex which has a population of 8 million people. 70% of the population are between the ages of 15-64. Linkou is considered to be an up and coming tech area. Linkou is home to the Mitsui Outlet Mall which is a huge draw for commerce. Linkou also has 4 universities with close to 11,000 students, many of those being international.

Linkou Demographic Study (2).jpg

By 2020 Research shows that in Taiwan, Folk Religions will continue to grow and Christianity(includes Catholicism) is still less than 6%. Protestantism is less than 2.6%2 of the total 6%(see graph). Due to the presence of a strong and growing international community, Linkou could be a strategic district to reach other unreached nations. As well as reaching other unreached nations, Linkou, which is located in New Taipei City, is home to 40% of Taiwan’s population, therefore providing an opportunity to see a great movement of church planting not only in this metroplex but also throughout the island.